Our company is born in 1982 for wanting of the owners Miola Oriano and Munerato Claudio.

The decision to open an activity to Begosso of Terrazzo can be reassumed in two points:

first of all to realize an own independet activity that supplied a repair service at the same time both electricals and mechanics field on whichever type of means;

the second, the stategic position of the place. Begosso in fact is found just in a central position it is situated between Legnago, Badia Polesine and Montagnana and that enough easy allow it to be caught up from all.


Our activity is centralized on a repair service that, as "Agricultural and Industrial Mechanical electrical workshop" can be understood from the corporate name , it comprises all the types of vehicles, from those manufacturers to those agricultural (combine harvesters, wagons picking, tractors etc etc), but we do not only limit ourselves to this, in fact, we offer also a range of other services that have joined in beyond twenty years of activity.


-Installation of systems to gas and G.p.l (
-Installation of towings bracket

-Control and assembly tachographs

-Loading air conditioning units

-Test smoke and grant Brand blue

-construction, upon request, of covers with devices coilers (manuals, mechanicals , electricals ....) suitables to roll up truck tarpaulins, semitrailers and similar with various solutions based on the requirements of the customer. (like from patent)

- construction and repair sides on towings and semitowings

- realization of irrigation groups.